Transtioning from PECS to SGDs - Do you have students that have mastered Phase IV of PECS? Have you also implemented Attribute concepts and found that your learner’s book is starting to overflow with pictures? For some students with this profile, they may be in the process of transitioning to speech. However, if the student has not developed spoken words and/or if the speech is unintelligible, it may be time to explore a possible transition to a speech generating device (SGD). But, with so many choices available, how do we begin the decision-making process? At Pyramid, we strongly encourage teams to complete a PECS Language Sample. Many educators are familiar with the collection of a speech language sample, yet we often overlook the necessity for completing assessment and analysis of our student’s ability to formulate messages via pictures. Specifically, teams should consider documenting a sample of picture exchanges over several days. It is important to note the phrases used and number of pictures included for each exchange. Further, the team should assess whether the interactions were spontaneous or responsive. Correct picture discriminations versus prompted exchanges are also important to note. For a sample form, please click here.

Upon analysis of this type of information, the team will have good information regarding the student’s current skill set. Based on this information, we can then begin exploring appropriate device matching based upon our student’s specific skill set. The PECS IV+ app provides a seamless transition for many of our PECS users. However, we all recognize that “one size doesn’t fit all” in the field of special education. As such, devices should be uniquely selected for each student.
Within upcoming newsletters, we will explore other necessary considerations related to the transition process, such as effective teaching strategies for device instruction. Or, for detailed information on this topic and much more, consider attending our full day training on Transitioning from PECS to SGDs!

Featured Product - Throughout March, the Small: PECS Communication Book is our Featured Product! The Small PECS Communication book is a 7 1/4" x 6 1/4", 6-ring binder that is perfect for students who use 1"x 1" pictures to communicate or who have a smaller vocabulary of larger pictures. This picture-ready PECS Communication Book is made of thick poly plastic material that is smooth to the touch, yet extremely durable. The back of the book is longer than the front to accommodate the Sentence Strip™. This allows access to the Sentence Strip no matter which page in the book is in use. The book includes strips of VELCRO® Brand hook, two non-tabbed Insert Pages and one Sentence Strip. Fasten on one of our Communication Book Straps to the spine-attached rings, and the book becomes portable! Custom books with strips of VELCRO® Brand loop are available upon request. Pictures sold separately.

Training - During 2016 we will be holding a variety of specialized one-day trainings! Transitioning from PECS to SGDs, The Language of Emotions, Teaching Critical Communication Skills, and The Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviors will be presented in several locations around the country. We hope you will join us and learn an array of specialized skills that can be applied in a multitude of settings immediately following each workshop!

2016 Training Calendar

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