• Audio Reinforcement Reminder Tones CD

Instructors who use Differential Reinforcement Systems will find these CDs essential. Pop a CD into your CD player, select the track according to the interval you need, and repeat the track for a continuous reminder to catch your students “being good!” CD #1 has 1, 2, 3, and 5-minute intervals. CD #2 has 7 and 10-minute intervals. CD #3 has 15-minute intervals. Each track plays a distinct tone so that you can play more than one CD at a time for students needing different intervals and recognize which interval is sounding. Each tone is activated on a randomized, variable schedule (the three-minute tone sounds on average every three minutes). These tones also are a great tool for instructors who are teaching children to monitor their own behavior. (set of 3 CDs)

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Audio Reinforcement Reminder Tones CD

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